I have ovulated! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!


Whoop Whoop!

It’s only taken 14 months of fertility treatment, but finally this month, after taking the highest does of Metformin that I can (200mg), we have ovulatory success!

I have previously described the time we found out it was possible to have a period without ovulating, and ever since it was discovered that this was my lot, I’ve been tested for ovulation in every cycle. I say cycle rather than month as my cycles have been, on average, 50 days long, hence drawing out the story for over a year. In the processes I’ve had to overcome my deep set fear of blood tests, and I’m sure that I’m now anaemic after all that bloodletting.

But this month, we won! I passed the test! I still don’t know what the numbers were – and we are seeing the consultant tomorrow so hopefully I’ll know more then – but for now he has instructed me to continue with the 200mg of Clomid.

His exact words:

“The progesterone result is excellent – you have certainly ovulated so please continue on the same dose of clomiphene.”

Excellent. Did you hear that? Excellent.


This ovulation malarkey has come with about a year’s worth of period pain, which has been quite crippling at times. Perhaps karma is ensuring I get my fair share of pain. But woooooo ovulation!

I just hope that ovulation continues now over the next few months, or else this month’s results are simply delaying the move to a new course of treatments. But as sceptical as sometimes feel about this, John is there to remind me that this is good news!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes :-)


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