Join Me In A Dance

My period finally arrived!

In the end I think it was around day 50, so that was one long wait. I think I am perhaps one of the only women trying for a baby who is happy when her period comes…

But it came, and that meant I was able to call the fertility clinic to ask about increasing the Clomid dose to 100 mg. I spoke to Ms Very Lovely Nurse who told me I had permission from the consultant to increase the dose (for those of you worried I would self medicate after a recent post).

I am very happy, and hopeful this could be the treatment regime that works. These highs follow the previous waiting lows so rapidly and starkly that I feel very fickle. And if it doesn’t work this month, we’ll go through it all again next month. But for now, there is good news. And that deserves a celebration.

You are welcome to join in.

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  1. Anne says:

    I have many friends who’ve had to go through, or are going through various treatments when they’ve been hoping to get a child. From what I’ve seen and heard, when trying to be there for my friends, it’s been a tough journey that has required a lot of patience, hope, despair and faith. But so far the treatments my friends have had have finally been successful, so there’s lots of hope! :)

    I wish this journey will go as smoothly as possible for you, and that you will have your dream come true! All the best to you both, and may God be with you each and every day!