We’re still here – the 20-week update


It has been a while since we last posted to this blog, and that is mostly because there hasn’t really been much to say. Thankfully our pregnancy is ticking along very nicely, and there have been no complications.

Recently we had our 20-week anomaly scan, and found out that everything was fine. It was a truly amazing experience. The amount of detail you can see with ultrasound surprised both of us, and the ultrasonographer told us that the technology was constantly improving.

She checked everything, from the baby’s spine – vertebra by tiny vertebra – to its fingers, brain structure, stomach, kidneys and heart. The latter fascinated me the most – we could see all 4 chambers and the valves that separate them. We could even see the blood pumping through them, and colours on the screen told us the direction in which the blood was flowing.


 (This is not our baby’s heart, sadly we didn’t get given a picture of that)

We saw our baby’s tiny feet, and saw it wiggling about under the pressure of the probe on my tummy. Despite being in considerable discomfort from my overly-full bladder, I could have laid there watching the baby TV all day.


And then we found out that we are having a little boy baby. Which means I’m growing a penis.

20-week scan

Meet Mr Baby Walker

It was such a relief to see that everything was well. In the weeks since the scan I’ve begun to feel him kick. It started off as a flutter at first, like the baby gently drumming his fingers one after another on the inside of my tummy. The first few times I thought it was probably just indigestion, but then it became stronger, and I knew it was our baby boy letting me know he was there, and could I please stop squashing him with food (we were on cruise at the time…)

I have invested in some maternity clothes, though I probably don’t need them just yet, but it helps me to justify my odd shape at present. Here is a diagram for your viewing pleasure:


The top diagram represents the shape I was before getting pregnant. I was not thin.

The bottom diagram represents the shape I am now. Hmmmmm, sexy! However, I have found that if I wear trousers that go high enough to cover “fat A&B”, they hang in such a way as to make it all look like baby. #Win! If someone would like to buy me one of these, please feel free – I might be in with a chance of getting a seat on the train if you do:


So, now the 20-week scan is done and things are looking good, we are in the market for all things baby. We have nothing at present, and quite frankly I’m utterly daunted by the range of different products available. I have no idea what we need. Luckily I have a sister-in-law who does, and who has a lot of it which she is kind enough to donate to baby Walker.

Case in point: Cots. Did you know there are 19829345858 types of cot? You need one for each day of the week and new ones for each scenario (travel/pushchair/bedroom). Then new ones again once the baby grows. So John has decided that our son will sleep in a drawer. That way, when he cries we can just close it*.

So if you have boy/neutral clothes and baby stuff you wanna send our way, drop us a line at botherer@ gmail dot com, and we will gladly accept your donations, even if we haven’t a clue what they’re for!

I still can’t believe that I’m actually pregnant.

*Disclaimer: This is a joke. We will not actually be doing this.

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  1. Mike Smith says:

    The best possible news! I also was amazed at the baby’s freedom of movement at this stage. Our little one was rolling around lots when we had the scan.

    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes this smoothly.