Certainly Positive?

Once more, my mouse bladder deserves an award. 7 hours! I was so determined to avoid the ambiguous results we got last cycle. Regardless of the outcome of the next few weeks, that feeling of relief at 5am this morning as I finally let my bladder’s screaming stop, was a thing of pure joy.

Both tests were positive.

The Clearblue ones have previously said 2-3 weeks at this stage when we’ve had a positive result with concentrated urine, so this has caused us some concern. Perhaps the embryo is already struggling or has already stopped producing hormones? Only time will tell. I’m still spotting a little bit, seemingly every few days.

We have asked the clinic about these Clearblue tests previously. They said tests that give the “weeks pregnant” can be misleading, because different embryos can develop at varying rates in these early weeks.

On our minds right now is that we have no way of knowing if this is really a true pregnancy at this point, or if the tests are picking up on hormones from an embryo that has already died.

So this is where things go from incredibly anxious to stratospherically anxious.

And again we wait. Now with the stakes higher.

(I’ll repost here my list of useful ways to support people like me during this period.)

One thing can be said with a degree of certainty though – I’m really frickin’ good at getting pregnant with IVF.

At least this far…



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