A difficult 24 hours

Goodness me its been a rough 24 hours.

It started with the news yesterday morning that only 3 embryos were looking good.

Then around lunchtime yesterday the discomfort in my abdomen, ever present since about 10 days before egg collection and made worse by the harvesting itself, turned into unbearable agony. I was driving Toby to nursery and couldn’t make it out the car into the building. Poor Toby was witness to it all, and rather shaken up by it. Compounded by then being left in nursery for the afternoon. The mum guilt was awful.

After following the advice of the clinic to take co-codamol and keep drinking plenty of water, I lay down and cried for a few hours. The pain finally started to ease late afternoon, and we called my parents down as backup. I have total adoration of them, who dropped everything in the instant to be here within two hours and stay the night, should we need to get to hospital and leave Toby with them.

Thankfully that wasn’t needed (though I did find myself apologising to them this morning that I didn’t end up in hospital and their trip was in vain – mum obviously told me not to be so stupid). Today I’m still on pain meds, but the more regular kind, and feeling a lot better. Thank you for all your prayers.

The clinic think I’m still “at risk”, but are hopeful that I might be through the worst of it now.

And here is the really good news…

7 of our embryos are now grading as top or good quality!!! 4 of the “not great” ones perked up over the last 24 hours. They expect to see 6-10 cells by day 3 (today) and our 7 embryos are all 7-10 cells and graded A/B. The remaining 3 are still looking fragmented and “not great” as they did yesterday.

So they have decided to grow them all to day 5 (Sunday), in the expectation that the ones graded highly will go on to form blastocysts. We should get another call Sunday and Monday to update us on how many are frozen.

We’re just so happy with this news. I feel like we can relax a bit now. It takes the pressure off each frozen cycle to work first time (though obviously that would be the best thing), and it makes all this seem worthwhile.

What a roller-coaster.

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