Grading update

We got the call this morning about the grading of our 11 fertilised embryos.

Straight off the bat, one didn’t divide at all. So now we’re down to 10.

1 is top quality.

2 are good.

7 are “not great”.

So they will grow them on for a bit longer and call tomorrow to let us know how they’re progressing. Apparently it is not unheard of for the “not great” ones to buck their ideas up by day 5. They may freeze the good ones tomorrow. But either way, by Monday we’ll know how many are in the freezer.

I will admit I was disappointed. Three good ones is three times better than last time. And if they survive and freeze and thaw well, then we’ll be in a good situation to have three attempts at putting them back inside me. With about a 30% chance of success for each one.

But considering we started at 18 eggs and 11 fertilised, to only have 3 graded highly was a bit of a shock. And my hormones are all over the place which doesn’t help my less than rational response after the call this morning.

So yeah. Mixed news. Not as bad as it could be, but not as good either.

More pressing right now is the increase in OHSS symptoms I’m currently experiencing. At lunchtime today I was suddenly overtaken by crippling pain in my abdomen. John got a builder working in our house to give him a lift to meet me and Toby in the car where I’d pulled over, and we’ve dropped him at nursery. Having spoken to the clinic I’m to rest, drink lots, take shed loads of painkillers, and go to A&E if it gets worse. It’s easing up a bit now after all the painkillers, but I can honestly say it’s some of the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced.

If I’m still able to I’ll update on embryo progression tomorrow.

If you’re of the praying nature, please pray this OHSS doesn’t get any worse. And for Toby who was quite shaken up by how ill mummy suddenly was.

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