And we’re off…The start of IVF

We’ve been doing IVFs for just over a week now. I’m done with the progesterone tablet, and am expecting the imminent arrival of shark week (yes, I Googled slang terms for period and this is my new favourite.)

We’ve also been injecting Buserelin once a day for just over a week. This daily injection will continue right up until two days before egg collection, so for another few weeks yet. Wooohooo. John is very good at it, and I’m a giant wimp. But on the whole I’ve endured it OK, and only twice have I visibly been in enough discomfort to actually prompt Toby to leave his diggers and come check I’m OK. Though he has taken to describing the process as “daddy giving mummy an operation”, so God only knows what his nursery thinks goes on at home.

Yesterday was by far the worst of the injections so far. For apparently no reason it hurt like hell, and a few minutes later swelled up in a big, hot, red lump. It did go down of its own accord eventually, and apart from some bruising on each leg I’m generally doing OK.

We’ve had our blood tests for all the diseases in the world, and we were assured these were the only bloods that we’d need to give. I was very excited by this news, as it took two attempts by the consultant to get blood from me, and of course he got John’s immediately. However, apparently there was some mistake on the forms, and they still don’t know if I’ve got Chlamydia or Rubella. So today I had to go have another blood test. Just the two nurses and three puncture wounds, and it was done. And I almost passed out at one point. But I didn’t. And that’s progress.

So the next step is to go for my day 0 scan on Tuesday next week. After which my injections increase to two a day – the Buserelin to mute my own hormones, and FSH to get the eggs going ready for collection. We’ll have to play around with FSH dose again for a while. The way forward really depends on the success of this next step, so prayers and good vibes for a healthy and measured follicle response would be gratefully received.

I’m feeling OK. Just getting on with it in a matter of fact sort of way, as it’s not particularly intrusive to my life at this stage. And Toby offers a good distraction. Currently finding this a lot less stressful than taking Clomid, but then it is early days.

That’s all for now.

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