Finally some good news!

I went for a scan on Friday, and my follicles seemed to have perhaps grown a mm or so, possibly. So I was kept on my current dose of 150IU until today, when I went for another scan. Mr Walker did this one, as he wanted to check how I was getting on himself, and…we have significant growth!

There were a fair few egg follicles at 12-14mm. We’re so excited. They need to be 17mm before the trigger shot can be given, so my FSH dose has been reduced to 75IU again, and now I’m waiting for my scan on Friday to take it from there.

We’re hoping I’ll be able to take the trigger shot over the weekend or early next week. This shot makes the eggs mature and completely ready for harvesting, which might be as soon as early next week.

I’m starting to feel tender round my lower abdomen, and incredibly tired and thirsty, all of which is apparently normal. I’m supposed to drink lots of fluid to flush the hormones out and help my kidneys a bit.

I’m so relieved something is finally happening.

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