The end is in sight!


At my scan on Friday we discovered one ovary has several follicles at 9-11mm (so still a bit short of the 17mm target), and the other had one 17mm follicle, a few 14-15mm ones, and various smaller ones.

They have decided to increase my FSH dose back up from 75IU to 150IU for the last few days to encourage those follicles lagging behind, and I am to take the trigger shot at precisely 8.45pm on Sunday. Tomorrow! Then NO INJECTIONS AT ALL on Monday (woooo!) and in for egg collection at precisely 8.45am on Tuesday.

I can’t quite believe all the injections are going to end!

I also learned they take all the eggs they can see, even from the smaller follicles which might not be fully developed yet. So I’m thinking of holding a sweepstake on how many eggs they get in total, and how many of which are viable?

I am feeling pretty physically uncomfortable now. It feels swollen and sore all around my lower abdomen, back, thighs, and hips. Sort of like the early stages of labour, but just one long contraction that doesn’t abate. Paracetamol are taking the edge off though.

I feel very excited that we will make some embryos this week. Wow, it will actually happen! I also feel incredibly nervous about the egg collection procedure itself. I’m a wimp, as we all know, so I’d like to be fully unconscious and unaware of what’s occurring as it occurs. There seems to be some disagreement between different nurses I’ve spoken to about how alert and awake I’ll be for the egg collection itself. One told me I’d be sedated and be completely out of it, while the other has said that although sedated, I should be able to converse with them. I know which I’d prefer.

I’m also incredibly anxious about developing OHSS. I’m drinking so much fluid right now to try to flush my body and help my kidneys out. Apparently I should know by Saturday, so a week today, if I’m feeling well enough to have the embryo transferred fresh or not. If not, they’ll go in the freezer next to the pie and chips, until I’m feeling better. Then we’ll start a new cycle, without the egg collection steps, to have then implanted a month or so from now.

Prayers would be gratefully received at this time, specifically for the following:

– They get enough healthy, mature eggs to make enough healthy embryos.

– The egg collection is as pain free as possible and I’m unconscious for it!

– Our little embryos grow and thrive well.

– I don’t develop OHSS

– They can put a fresh embryo back

– I still don’t develop OHSS

– If they can’t do the fresh transfer, that I get better quickly and the frozen embryos fair well with the freeze-thaw cycle.

– That any embryo they do put back, whenever that happens, sticks and develops into a healthy baby!

– That we’d get through this well as a family, and that John has all the energy and capacity he needs to look after both me and Toby, while holding down a full time job.


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