Embryo transfer

We have gone for embryo transfer this morning.

The embryo has done well overnight!

We were told it had divided to two cells, and was graded as B on a scale from A-D (with A being the best). The transfer was smooth and the embryologist told us that since they last looked this morning, it had divided again and was now 3 cells!

Tomorrow is a big day for our little embryo. Tomorrow is when genome activation occurs. This is basically when the ball of cells stops relying on my genome (the name for all the genetic material in the nucleus of the cell), and starts using is own genome – the combination of mine and John’s genetic material. This is a big developmental step for an embryo, and they expect some fertilised embryos in the lab to fail at day 3 on account of not overcoming this hurdle. Our embryo has its best chance now it’s back inside me, in its natural environment. But if we’d had a number of embryos, this step would have “weeded out” the ones that didn’t survive day 3. And we’ll never know if our embryo would have been “weeded out” because we don’t have a choice of embryos to pick from.

So basically, prayer for tomorrow, that the genome activation occurs without problems, and then for good growth and survival till, and beyond, our pregnancy test two weeks today would be gratefully appreciated. Also that we can weather the next two weeks with patience and peace and hope would be good.

We saw a picture of our little embryo. One they’d taken earlier today when it was two cells. We’ve decided to leave the picture in our file until we know the outcome in two weeks’ time, as neither of us fancied the job of throwing the picture away if things don’t work out.

But wow, it was amazing to see.

I want to thank everyone for your support and prayers and love. We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

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