Impotent Impatience

Well, after my first month on Clomid, little seems to have happened.

The home-testing ovulation kits are still presenting a resounding:


And my 21 day progesterone blood test has come back low (non-ovulatory) once more.

So today I called the Enigmatic Nurse at the fertility clinic. I had been hoping to catch a moment with our consultant, but they are busy people – lots of babies to make I suppose.

The Enigmatic Nurse told me that I am simply to wait and see when my period comes. If soon, then we can be sure the 21 day blood test was done at the right time in my cycle and should have picked up ovulation, if it happened. In this scenario, the fact that it didn’t pick up anything will mean my Clomid dose is too low.

If it doesn’t come soon, then I’m to call them back and “liaise” with them about the way forward. I find this rather frustrating. Perhaps it’s just my scientific mind. I want a straight answer. I am not a particularly patient person at the best of times, so it is a strange situation to be in when one is impatient with one’s own body.


At this point, I am quite tempted to self-medicate. To me it seems clear that the dose is too low and should be increased to 100 mg. But I also know that I don’t know everything (see John, I can admit it…sometimes…), and perhaps there are other reasons (aside from twins) why this would be a bad idea.

In this current situation I also find timing frustrating. If you can’t get through to the right people at the clinic at the right time, you could waste an entire month before your cycle starts over again. It’s like one giant logistical, hormonal loop.

The other day John pointed out that once the baby is here we’ll be wishing we had all the ‘free time’ (relatively speaking) that we have now. We’ll look back and think ‘why did we want it to happen so quickly?’

And I think he’s right. But there is something about needlessly wasted time that aggravates me. Why not just say ‘OK Laura, we have 2 independent sources confirming you’re still not ovulating, so just increase you dose next time round’?

On the plus-side, I’ve not felt any side-effects of the Clomid. I’ve been a bit hot at times, but I’m not sure if this constitutes a hot flush. Perhaps. But otherwise I’ve been fine.

So, back to the prayers for a period this weekend, offering a legitimate reason to increase the Clomid next time round…

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  1. Elodie Glass says:

    “I’ve been a bit hot at times, but I’m not sure if this constitutes a hot flush.”


  2. Kasi says:

    Hey there

    I just had a wee read and have to say I’m enjoying your blog.
    I’m currently on my first month of clomid 50mg – just like you. I have PCOS….just like you.
    The whole process is really scary and to be honest totally doing my head.
    Can I ask when you took your first pill of clomid? Which day of the period? I took mine from the 2nd to the 6th – as per fertility doctor advice. According to my doctor you should ovulate any time from 5 to 10 days after your last pill….
    So far I learned that you have to push and call your doctor and demand that the rerun tests or start next cycle – sad thing is that you have to look after yourself as they will not be as involved as you are.
    Its very hard to actually find LH surge on Clear Blue, u have to be really careful when you take it and also make sure you don’t use the toilet for 4h I’m sure you know it already.
    I’m hoping you will ovulate this month – and get preggy of course.
    Best of luck for both of you.
    Happy to chat if you are looking