I really hope that I’m pregnant this month. It’s been over 1.5 years of trying, and now the drugs are working I’m more hopeful for a result.

This has two consequences – 1) excitement and 2) the potential for a massive disappointment. And I won’t know for another week which it will be.

The waiting is tedious. I’m not a patient person at the best of times. John is much more laid back than I am, or at least he appears that way. Apart from asking me if a ‘feel’ pregnant at random moments (obviously in jest), he seems a lot more given over to fate than I am. Well, not fate exactly, so much as statistical evidence.

We have around a 30% chance of getting knocked up each month, which is slightly higher than the approximately 25% chance most people have. But that is still a relatively low percentage, and we all know perfectly healthy people who have taken years to get pregnant with these odds.

I’m not sure how many cycles I’ll be allowed to try before we switch tactics, as I think there are limits to the number of Clomid cycles that are recommended (although our consultant already poo-pooed the 6-cycle limit I’d heard about). We’re currently on our third cycle at 200mg, but this is now my 7th cycle in total.

However, I am relieved that we have gotten this far. To have the real actual potential of conceiving each month is very exciting. And I am so grateful for the NHS too. I have no idea how much this would have cost if we didn’t have it.

Those are my thoughts.

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  1. Mike says:

    Totally worth trying – our chances were down at 7% and we were blessed with a wonderful little boy on our fourth cycle. It can be hard to stay optimistic – but you only need one good embryo! Good luck – really hope it works for you!