About Us

Hello. We are two people, trying to break the very basis of mathematics by seeing 1 + 1 = 3.

One of us is John Walker, games journalist and co-owner of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. But this site isn’t about games even a tiny bit. You can email him via botherer at gmail.com

The other one of us is Laura Walker, research scientist and co-owner of Dexter, a cat. But this site isn’t about even Dexter. You can email her via laurawalkerbsc at gmail.com.

We’re trying to make a baby. We think we understand the basics, but it seems there are some issues along the way. The purpose of this site is to share our experience in the process (no, not like that), no matter which way it may go. We hope that by talking about it publicly we’ll offer a sense of company to others going through similar things, and perhaps even reduce the stigma of it all a little bit. Not being able to magic a baby straight away is incredibly common, but rarely discussed. So we want to discuss.

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