I’ve been thinking a lot about the questions I often get asked regarding fertility treatment. More specifically, about how I’m asked them – which is usually with a vast, Amazon-style overpackaging of politeness, delicacy and apologies.

People have questions. Of course they do. We aren’t taught much about this stuff at school, and friends want to support others going through this process. How can they do that if they aren’t properly informed about what’s going on? Where do they go to get answers to their questions about fertility treatment and IVF?

Understandably, not everyone going through it wants to talk about it. Fertility treatment is painful, upsetting, misunderstood and intensely personal.

So the idea has occurred to me to offer a Q&A post on here for anyone who has questions about fertility treatment. Be it your own or someone else’s. I may not have the answers, and I am not an expert, but I will do my best to answer, or point in the direction of an answer if I cannot.

So please submit your questions below. You can do it anonymously or privately if you don’t want it to show up on the bottom of the post (You do not need to select a question category or a tagĀ  – ignore those bits).

There is no such thing as a stupid question, and I will not be offended or upset by your questions.

Ask me the things you can’t ask your sister because she’s not talking to anyone about what she’s going through.

Ask me the things you don’t understand because you’ve only just started your journey.

Ask me why both going through this at all?

I’m looking forward to getting your questions.

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