Christmas Greetings with a difference

I want to wish a lovely Christmas to all who have read this blog this year and continue to follow and support us in this journey.

I have heard from many of you (and I love hearing from you) for whom this hard-travelled road is also your yoke. And I know some of you are starting out on your own IVF journeys in the new year.

I pray that you will have relaxing and joy-filled Christmases, surrounded by loved ones, whatever that looks like for you. May you enjoy each others’ company, and hope for the year ahead.

And to those of you for whom family gatherings are painful – where relations ask insensitively “when are you going to make me a grandparent?” or some variation on this thoughtless probe as to your reproductive status – to you brave and courageous souls, may you have grace to answer honestly and in love. I pray protection around your bruised and battered hearts this Christmas.

To those for whom Christmas without a child is like placing a magnifying glass over your pain and heartache – may you feel a comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding. This is going to be hard. I see your pain. Be kind to yourselves.

And to all you for whom Advent is your reality – the waiting and the longing in the unknown is your normal, and doesn’t end in the certain celebration of a Christmas day – I see you and I think you are enormously courageous. As one year tumbles into the next, and your situation has not changed, please know that you are doing so well and you are loved beyond measure.

You have worth, so much worth.

You are my sisters and we are mighty.

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