Not good news

I’m writing this to distract me. Don’t judge.

About 2 hours ago I started bleeding. A little at first, then a lot. I’m in a lot of pain.

We’ve called the clinic, but there is nothing they can do other than wait and see and keep taking the drugs.

We’re going to go to the early pregnancy clinic in the morningĀ  where hopefully they’ll do a scan. But at this point I am not hopeful. I have lost a lot of blood.

I can’t believe that 2 hours ago I was pregnant (5 weeks and 2 days) and now I probably am not.

I was tired. I was taking a rest. I went to the loo. And now my life has changed.

No baby in mummy’s tummy any more.

We are obviously devastated. I just want to rewind time. And the thought right now of going through all this again is too much to bear.

We can’t stop crying.

Gosh, this is brutal.

Of all the things we’ve gone through, I really hoped we’d be spared the pain of a miscarriage too.

Evidently not.

Will update after clinic tomorrow.

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