Christmas Cycles

So that period I was looking for 25 days ago has finally arrived!

Right at exactly the wrong time.

This cycle – the one where I took the Clomid (yes, I’m still in that cycle) – took 59 days. Tomorrow, I am supposed to begin taking Norethisterone again to induce a period to start on 2nd Jan 2018. But this period is arriving ahead of the Christmas rush.

This could mean that I’d need to wait for it to be over, and then wait another week or so, and only then begin to induce the period that marks the start of IVF, effectively putting us back by another month.

However, I called the clinic today and after a chat to the consultant they called me back to say I could continue and begin taking Norethisterone tomorrow as planned. It could halt the present period and delay it to come in January, and hopefully that’ll be what happens.

The first day of a period is called “Day 0” and to start an IVF cycle you have to be scanned onĀ  this day to check the womb lining is at the right stage and everything is lined up ready to go. In the days following the day 0 scan we’ll start injections and need monitoring with more scans. So it’s important that day 0 isn’t when everyone is about to go on holiday for christmas.

I feel just annoyed. Annoyed at my body for choosing just the worst moment to do the thing we wanted it to do 25 days ago, and annoyed that the beginning of our next IVF journey will be this weird half-period-not-quite-normal thing that will set us up for the whole cycle.

I’m sure it’ll probably not have much bearing on the cycle, but the not-being 100% sure is irritating and frustrating.

I just have to trust the clinic.

I find myself wondering which unexpected things will go wrong this time round. We have the injections already, sitting there in our fridge alongside the stuffing and sausage meat.

Anyway, squishing it all back in its emotional box till the new year. And sitting on the box.

Have a great Christmas!

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