Day 10 Scan

Well, no growth of follicles again today.

They’ve increased my FSH dose to 112.5 IU and I’ll have another scan on Tuesday. I briefly chatted to Mr Walker our consultant. ┬áHe seems of the mind that I might well just suddenly explode with eggs, getting 20-30 at once! I read from his delivery that it seems like he thought this likely, though obviously no one can know.

I asked what the process would be if that happened? He said we’d harvest the eggs, then make the embryos and freeze them for as long as it takes for me to get well. This is usually roughly 5 weeks, but obviously can vary depending on how sick I got with OHSS. Then we’d have to wait till the right point in my cycle, do injections and stuff again to prepare my womb lining (we wouldn’t need to do the FSH injections though), and then they’d finally transfer an embryo. So that might be a roughly 2 month delay or longer. And more expensive.

So yeah. We don’t want that. Let’s hope just a few follicles actually do something.

Oh and I cried on the nurse (the second one I’ve cried on now), and she helped me book a free (!) counselling session later in May. So I can cry on someone who is paid for that.

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