It’s here. Egg collection day.

As this was where things went wrong last time we were very anxious this morning. After getting Toby packed off to a friend’s house (thank you Katie!), we headed to the clinic and into our requested pre-harvesting scan.

All looked well on the ultrasound, with plenty of large follicles, so that was encouraging. But did they contain any eggs?

I expressed my concern that last time I felt the procedure a bit despite sedation, ouch, and could hear them talking in the theatre, so this time the nurse thoroughly knocked me out. Wooo!

Then I was back in my bed and John was beside me, beaming.

“Did they tell you how many they got?” he asked.

“Fflurple” I drooled.

“Hunny, they got 18 eggs!”




So that’s very good news. In fact, 17 good newses better than last time.

Now we must wait for their call tomorrow to see how many have fertilised, and another call later in the week to see if any fertilised embryos have grown. Following that, they will grade them and freeze the best ones. So with each step the numbers get whittled down and we’re continuing to pray we’ll have lots of good quality embryos to freeze.

Thank you for all your prayers and all wishes.

Now I must sleep.

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