Just the one egg

We’re gutted.

For all the talk of over stimulation and the risks, when they went to harvest the eggs this morning they only got one.


Everyone is surprised. No one really knows what happened to all the many follicles we saw as recently as Friday. I could have ovulated them out naturally, they could have just regressed on their own for reasons unknown. We have no idea.

They did an additional blood test to try to work out what has happened. We’ll hear about that tomorrow.

The staff were lovely and incredibly sympathetic. Which was equal parts nice and awful. When the staff are being so gentle with you, you know it’s bad news.

Before we left, fairly devastated, we spoke with the embryologist. She said the one egg we have is good quality. So that’s good news. It now needs to successfully fertilise and begin to divide and grow. We’ll get a call tomorrow morning to tell us if it’s fertilised. Then another Thursday morning if it’s grown. If it manages to overcome those hurdles, they will implant it back into me Thursday afternoon (assuming I don’t get OHSS, which is still a risk, especially if I did in fact ovulate the other follicles that mysteriously disappeared).

So there’s quite a lot our one little egg has to endure and overcome in the next few days. As you can imagine, we’re incredibly disappointed, anxious, and sad. Trying to be hopeful for this egg is almost more than we can bear.

If this doesn’t work, it also means we’ll have to start again from scratch next cycle. No embryos in the freezer means we’d need to do the same thing all over, egg stimulation, the lot.

We so totally weren’t expecting this.

Please pray for or little egg.

Pray that it will be tenacious and strong, a fighter.

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